Barbeque Event

On the 11th July 2014 Bikirkara Badminton Club together with all its current and new members and also with the participation of their family and friends reunited at Golden Bay to mark the end of the season 2013-2014 as well as to inaugurate the new one that will soon be about to commence. Members started to gather at around 3pm at the mentioned beach and particiapted in a number of activities such as beach soccer, beach volley and other games with a light swim in between to freshen up and enjoy the high waves that dominated the island on the day.

At around 8pm everyone gave a hand in preparing a barbeque full of tantalizing and delicious items. Needless to say, the event was jam packed and memorable for all present. The barbeque was also organised as a means of fund raising activity to aid the finances and future projects of the club.

Birkirkara Badminton Club would like to thank all its members for their participation and for believing in the club potential. We promise to give the best training to all our members and to prepare our youngsters to develop themselves holistically into the island’s best badminton players. We would also like to thank our sponsors who invest in our beloved sport, especially to Smart Office Supplies, Go&Fun, Polidano Press Ltd and our various benefactors who contribute so generously throughout the season.

Our success is our way of thanking you all.

The BBC committee

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