Birkirkara Smart Office Supplies End Season With Hundred Percent Record

Congratulations to Birkirkara Smart Office Supplies team that in their last league match of the Mixed Team League, the newly-crowned champions beat the club’s other team – Birkirkara Go & Fun – to finish the season with a hundred per cent record. However, it must be said that the final score of 4-1 is a bit harsh on Go & Fun. For, besides having to play without the injured Jacqueline Abela De Giovanni, her substitute Daniella Galea got injured and had to forfeit two games. Also, two other games lost by Go & Fun were so close that the final win could have gone either way.

The first game of the evening was an exciting and close Mixed Doubles which saw Smart Office Supplies pair Aldo Polidano/Fiorella Sadowski beat Go & Fun’s Stefan Salomone/Klara O’Berg 21-16, 23-21. In the first set Aldo/Fiorella took an early lead which they preserved to the end, despite Stefan/Klara’s comeback. The second set was a different story with the lead changing hands alternately but, with a late effort, Aldo/Fiorella secured the point.

Go & Fun tied the match with a three-set win in another exciting game in the Men’s Singles. Samuel Cali won the first set 21-16. However Song Chen Jun made a positive reaction and won the second set easily for Go & Fun 21-5. The third decisive set went Song’s way winning 21-16.

Smart Office Supplies went 2-1 up when young Yanika Polidano won the Ladies Singles. Daniella Galea won the first set for Go & Fun 23-21. Yanika won the second 21-8. However the third set was awarded as a walkover to Yanika as Daniella got injured in the previous set.

The Men’s Doubles game that followed was full of excitement as both set of players produced some fine badminton in another balanced game. Stephen Ferrante/Samuel won the points for Smart Office Supplies when they beat Stefan/Song in two very close sets 21-19, 22-20. In both sets the lead changed continuously, but in the end, despite their effort, the Go & Fun pair had to concede defeat.

Smart Office Supplies’ Marica Micallef/Fiorella won the Women’s Doubles with a walkover Klara/Daniella (the latter being injured).

Because of this defeat Go & Fun have to play a decider for the runner-up position against Paola BC.

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