Birkirkara Smart Office Supplies Go Top in Mixed Team League

Birkirkara Smart Office Supplies went joint top with Paola, but with a game less when they beat Shuttles Fort Blocks 4-1 at Kirkop Sports Complex.

Playing without their injured captain Aldo Polidano, Smart Office Supplies gave debuts to Arif Rochman and young Matthew Galea to offer opposition to the bottom-placed team.

Birkirkara drew first blood when Fiorella Sadowski/Stephen Ferrante won the Mixed Doubles easily against M. Briffa/G. Saliba 21-6, 21-2.

Samuel Cali made it 2-0 when he won his Men’s Singles game against C. Spiteri 21-11, 21-13.

Marica Micallef won the points for Birkirkara Smart Office Supplies winning her Ladies Singles without difficulty against G. Vella Incorvaja 21-5, 21-4.

However Shuttles’ never-say-die spirit won them the Men’s Doubles as Briifa/Spiteri won their team’s only point beating Birkirkara’s Arif Rochman/Matthew Galea 21-14, 21-18. Although finishing on the losing end Arif and young Matthew are to be commended and should be satisfied with the opposition they offered because, as the score shows, they were no walk-overs.

Smart Office Supplies made the final score read 4-1 when Fiorella/Marica won the Ladies Doubles beating Saliba/Vella Incorvaja 21-13, 21-9.

Birkirkara Smart Office Supplies 4-1 Shuttles Fort Blocks

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