B’Kara BC players head off to Mals for a week long training camp

Early this morning, an eight strong delegation headed by B’Kara Badminton Club Secretary, Karen Ferrante, and comprising six of our club players (Fiorella Sadowski, Stephen Ferrante, Nigel DeGaetano, Michaela Ellul, Isaac Ellul, and Michela Gatt), also accompanied by Rebecca Spiteri (who will be joining B’Kara BC in the upcoming days), travelled to Mals, in South Tyrol in Northern Italy, for a week long intensive training camp.


This camp, is being organised by FIBa (Federazione Italiana Badminton) in collaboration with ASV Mals Badminton, which has one of the best academies, if not the best, in Italy.  Its centre has been recognised as a National Centre some months ago thanks to its facilities and high level of training conducted within the club.  The training sessions will be conducted by a team of 8 high profile coaches, namely Morino Fabio, Javier Gallero, Henri Vervoort, Lorenzo Pugliese, Enrico Galeani, Alberto Bottino and Marianna Viola as well as ex-Italian International Wisnu Putro, and will be mainly focused on the overall improvement of the players’ technique as well as game tactics.


Participants will be divided in different groups according to their level, and our elite players will be training with the likes of Giovanni Greco, Rudolph Dellenbach, Matteo Bellucci, Fabio Caponio, Giulia Fiorito, and Lisa Sagmeister to name a few.  On the other hand, the juniors will also train along some Italian Junior National Champions, and B’Kara BC is positive that our junior players will benefit extremely by training with other junior players coming from the best academies in Italy.


Club Secretary Karen Ferrante expressed her satisfaction for the work being carried out by the Club Committee in order to provide its athletes with the best training and opportunities possible.  She said “Our club’s philosophy is to try and improve our athletes’ training standards year in year out, and never settle for something which was already very good.  This thanks to the Club’s continued commitment in investing in its members.  This training camp was also made available to our athletes thanks to the good relationships cultivated by our Club Committee with a number of International Clubs, which relationship is expected to grow even stronger in the near future!”


Karen ended by saying “I’m positive that all those present to this camp will give their utmost during each and every training session in order to reap the benefits from the opportunities being made available to them by the Club to continue with the development and improvement of their respective level.  Surely my colleagues of the Committee would join me to thank a number of members within our club for their continuous work behind the scene.  Last but certainly not least, we would like to thank our athletes’ parents and guardians for their continuous support.”

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