Start of Individual Mixed League

Recently we saw the start of the final competition of the season – the Individual Mixed League – and Birkirkara is represented in all divisions hoping to add to this season’s tally of successes.

Div. 1
A derby between clubmates Stefan Salomone/Klara O’Berg and Aldo Polidano/Marica Micallef kicked off the competition. This turned out to be a balanced and exciting match which saw the former pair prevail 21-13, 21-18. Stefan/Klara took control of the first set from the word “go” but in the second Aldo/Marica came more into the picture and made Stefan/Klara fight hard to win the set and the points.

Aldo/Marica made amends in their second match and won the points against Paola’s H. Thomsen/A. Galea. In the first set the Birkirkara pair were in command from the start and kept their opponents at a safe distance winning 21-14. In the second set the Paolites made a brave effort and the lead flactuated from one couple to the other until our pair managed to win 22-20.

Div. 2
In the only match which was to involve a Birkirkara pair in this division, Song Chen Jun/Marija Attard were awarded a walkover by Paola’s O. Grech/M. Vella.

Div. 3
The first match in this division saw Birkirkara pairs Albert Bezzina/Daniella Galea and Yanis Boju/Camille Campos De Lemos confront each other. In a close match the points went to the former who won 21-16, 21-18.

Yanis/Camille won both points following a walkover Paola’s P. Cassar/M. Ellul and then added another point won from their drawn match against another Paola pair – G. Grech/A. Cassar. The Birkirkara pair were unlucky to lose the first set 21-23, a set which turned out to be balanced and exciting, but then rallied to win the second 21-16.

Div. 4
Birkirkara’s young up-and coming pair Matthew Galea/Yanika Polidano lost their opening match in this division when they were beaten by Paola’s S. Cassar/C. Gilford 21-18, 21-18. As the score shows, the match was very balanced and the win could have gone either way. Our youngsters have to learn to control their nerves in crucial moments.

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